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New! Mesopaper Q&A and Demo with CEO Liangjie Dong

Watch as Mesofilter CEO Liangjie Dong answers questions about the performance of Mesofilter’s new, breakthrough Mesopaper, which absorbs a wide range of heavy metals, toxins, viruses and bacteria.

Mesopaper™ Fact Sheet

Water is essential for life. According to the CDC , arsenic, lead, and mercury are the three most hazardous threats to human heath. The consumption of these hazardous materials often comes from contaminated water. What is Mesopaper? Mesopaper is ...

Mesofilter Company Fact Sheet

About Mesofilter Mesofilter, founded in 2005, develops and manufactures innovative nanotechnology to filter hazardous contaminants from water and air. Mesofilter is improving human health by providing the world with clean water and air free of ...

Plug and Play pitch video

Plug and Play, the world’s largest tech accelerator and incubator, invited Mesofilter CEO Liangjie Dong to present the company at a recent event. Check out our presentation here.

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