• Launched in 2018
  • Three layers of bamboo paper with MesoNose granules sandwiched in between
  • Moldable into a wide variety of shapes
  • Biodegradable
  • Immobilizes arsenic; lead, mercury and other heavy metals; radioactive elements; bacteria and viruses
  • Only paper to achieve NSF 42/53 certification for removal of arsenic and lead
  • More than 99% removal rate of arsenic, heavy metals and radioactive elements
  • Greater than 99.99% removal of bacteria and viruses
  • One sq. ft. of Mesopaper can purify 10 gallons of water with no wastewater or hazardous by products.
  • Does not leach, easily disposable
  • 3 patents pending
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Mesopaper Parameters

Square Round
Dimension 9*9 inch Ø 9 inch
Thickness 0.4mm 0.4mm
Capacity 5.8 gallons of tap water 5.8 gallons of tap water
Speed(Gravity, without pressure 120 ml/min 120 ml/min
Percentage reduction 99% for arsenic and lead, 99.9999% for bacteria and virus 99% for arsenic and lead, 99.9999% for bacteria and virus

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether Mesopaper can be used to home water purifier system to remove As, Pb and Virus from drinking water?

Yes, we are not only can remove Arsenic, Lead, Bacteria and Viruses very effectively but also can remove Uranium, Chlorine, Fluoride and other toxic contaminants (Cr, Ba, Pb, Cd, Hg, Sb, Br, Ra, PAHs, PM 2.5, Benzene, etc.) from water and air.
As, Pb removal capability has already been certified by NSF international. Tests for bacteria and virus removal capability have been conducted in our lab in Hawaii and Stanford University and Mesopaper has been sent to NSF for testing already. Results will be out in May, 2018. We are very confident about it.

Why you are focusing Mesopaper to water pitcher now?

Mesopaper is easier, cheaper, more portable and convenient compared to the traditional pitcher.

Why do you call your product Mesopaper?

The holes in our proprietary granules are between 40-50 nanometers wide, which is known as the meso scale.

Is there any leaching problem of Mesopowder from Mesopaper?

No. Our products do not leach contaminants back into the environment.

Are the materials used in Mesopaper safe enough to human health?

Yes, Mesopaper is a all natural product and biodegradable. It made from bamboo fiber and ceramic. Mesopaper had been passed NSF international safety test with NSF 53 certificate.

How large is the diameter of the holes in Mesopaper?

Mesopapers holes size diameter are between 40-50 nanometers.

What is the flow rate of water through Mesopaper under tap pressure?

The flow rate is from 1.5-3 liters/min under tap water pressure.

Can Mesopaper be used to filter air?

Yes, we have tested potential air filtration applications in our lab already. Mesopaper is a very powerful material for air purification applications.

pH condition of (Mesopaper filtered) drinking water?

The pH is 7.2-7.8

More information about Mesopaper cartridge?

10-inch 30-layer cartridge: 2.2 liters/min, 5000 liters/cartridge
20-inch 30-layer cartridge: 3 liters/min, 8000 liters/cartridge

What are the potential applications of Mesopaper?

Our technology’s potential application is very wide. It can be used for tap water, industrial waste water, unclear wastewater, air and oil purification. It can also be applied for portable and convenient applications such as for camping in the wild or emergency kits for disaster relief etc.

Where is the factory of Mesopaper?

Our factory is in US. Mesopaper is made in USA.

Why should we combine the carbon block filter with Mesopaper?

The traditional carbon block filter grows mold and bacteria after a few months of use with tap water, which can possibly contaminate the seemingly filtered water. Our products can keep water’s PH between 7.2 -7.8 and restrain bacteria growth and also improve the water purification performance .

Usually, the quality of tap water is good (NTU-0.5, As, Pb, Bacteria and Viruses are not detected when testing tap water), why should we use your product?

Tap water may be good but the pipes that deliver the tap water are old. Sometimes there are heavy metals such as lead that can leak out from old pipes, which can contaminate water. Also contamination levels may vary significantly over time based on fluctuating factors such as temperature.
Please check this link to find out the water quality in your area.

In Asia, most carbon block filters in home water purification systems can purify 4,000 liters of tap water with a product lifetime of 12 months. What about Mesopaper?

Our Mesopaper can be used make a 30-layer roll cartridge which can filter 5,000 liters of tap water and last for at least 1 year.

Whether Mesofilter has obtained the NSF 61 certification and the Human Safety of materials found in Mesopaper and Mesofilter(Mesonose)?

We have received the NSF 53 certification which covers both NSF 42 and NSF 61 for our two products (Mesonose and Mesopaper).

Do you have a large enough production capacity to meet demand in the home water purification market?

Yes, we are currently in mass process and can provide enough volume to meet the market demand.

What is the capacity of Mesopaper to remove As, Pb, bacteria and viruses?

One piece Mesopaper (9*9 inches) can filter 5.8 gallon with 200ppb lead water and 7 gallon for regular tap water. The capacity is more than enough and Mesopaper can rolled up and paired with a carbon block to create a home water purification unit. We have already tested the idea in our lab and it shows a very strong capacity.