Technology – The Mesopaper

Water and air are essential for life. Arsenic, lead, and mercury have been identified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control as the top three main hazards to human health when ingested through drinking water. In the air, particulate matter (PM) causes asthma, bronchitis, acute and chronic respiratory symptoms, which may lead to premature death.

Existing water filtration technologies have failed to effectively remove toxic heavy metal pollutants in water. Until now.

Mesofilter, Inc. developed Mesopaper, the first water filter paper that removes arsenic and lead and inactivates bacteria and viruses. A remarkable upgrade and highly efficient solution in the water filtration industry, the self-standing paper can be molded into many shapes, such as pour-through filters, straw filters, and industrial filtration cartridges. Through nanotechnology using natural ingredients, nature clay is fired and manufactured to mesoporous (about 40-50 nm) material, then sandwiched between two layers of bamboo fibers. When water passes through the Mesopaper, 40-50 nm size of holes adsorb the arsenic and lead – essentially “immobilizing” the toxic metals through a process. The Mesofilter is inexpensive and cost-effective – and without any secondary environmental negative impacts.

The Mesopaper is the third-generation water filtration technology invented by Mesofilter Founder Liangjie Dong. Mesopaper has been in continuous development since 2005, resulting in increased filtration speed of 100x. It can be used for the home and in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment sites — including mining, nuclear energy, EPA Superfund projects, agriculture, highway run-off, and air filtration. After use, as tested by the EPA, the material will not leach out arsenic. The used Mesopaper is safe and easily disposed.


Mesopaper was one of top 15 finalists for the 2006 Grainger Challenge Prize for Sustainability, which recognizes workable, sustainable, and economical point-of-use water treatment systems for arsenic-contaminated groundwater in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and other developing countries. The technology was selected and tested by the National Academy of Engineering and EPA. Mesofilter’s heavy metal removal efficiency and material safety was proven by the NAE and EPA.