Liangjie Dong, PI, Mesopaper inventor & Mesofilter CEO, will direct team’s day-to-day work and manage project’s website, integrated with social media operating daily responding to Mesopaper requirements and other essential functions. Dong has legal and governing control over the implementation and/or expansion of the solution.

The project’s interdisciplinary team will focus on field delivery and use of the high-tech product (Mesopaper) that accomplishes the project’s purposes. Co-PI Gui-Fan Sun, Professor of Arsenic Disease Control at China Medical University of Shenyang, will be responsible for detailed scientific advice on all matters. He will be responsible for field investigation and will monitor updated samples/testing information.

Denise Konan, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Social Sciences, University of Hawai’i is responsible for public education and business model development and implementation. She determines amount bamboo to be planted at specific sites to produce sufficient pulp to be shipped to US for Mesopaper production.