Liangjie Dong
Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist
Liangjie is the inventor of MicroNose, MesoNose, and Mesopaper water filtration nanotechnologies. He led the development team that researched, refined, and commercialized the technology over a period of 12 years.
Dr. Guifan Sun
Co-Chair of Advisory Board
Dr. Sun is the Dean of School of Public Health, China Medical University. He is one of the world’s most prominent experts in the prevention of chronic arsenicosis.
Dr. Walt J. Atkins, Jr.
Chair of Advisory Board
Dr. Atkins is retired from Hughes Space and Communications Company, where he was general manager and business unit leader for the Military Satellite Communications Business.
Yongchou Mai
Chairman of Board of Directors
Mr. Mai owns diversified investment portfolios around the world. He also has extensive experience in the operation of manufacturing plants.
Dr. Huifeng Chang
Independent Director
Dr. Chang is Senior Vice President and CFO of Canadian Solar Inc. Before joining Canadian Solar, Dr. Chang was Co-Head of Sales and Trading at the U.S. subsidiary CICC.
Chengyu Hou, J.D., MBA
Secretary and Chief Legal Counsel
Chengyu began his legal career working for a U.S. law firm in midtown, New York City, after his graduation from Columbia Law School.