Mesofilter to Exhbit at 2018 WQA Convention and Exhibition

Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO, Booth #861 - March 26-29

Stop by our booth to see a demo of our new, breakthrough Mesopaper, which rapidly immobilize harmful pollutants such as arsenic, lead and other heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and radioactive elements in water and air.

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  • Mesopaper™

    Launched in 2018 Three layers of bamboo paper with MesoNose granules sandwiched in between Moldable into a wide variety of shapes Biodegradable Immobilizes arsenic; lead, mercury and other heavy ...

  • NanoNose™

    Launched in 2017. Plastic 3.5L (3.7 quart) water pitcher with MesoNose filter. Immobilizes arsenic; lead, mercury and other heavy metals; radioactive elements; bacteria and viruses. Food-grade product

  • MesoNose™

    Launched in 2016. Iron-coated granules with 40-50 nm-sized pores (20x smaller than MicroNose) Immobilizes arsenic; lead, mercury and other heavy metals; radioactive elements; bacteria and ...

    • Liangjie Dong

      Liangjie Dong

      Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist Liangjie is the inventor of MicroNose, MesoNose, and Mesopaper water filtration nanotechnologies. He led the development team that researched, refined, and commercialized the technology over a period of 12 years....

      February 18, 2018
    • James H. Wang

      James H. Wang

      Member of Advisory Board Mr. James Wang is a venture partner with Mesofilter Inc . He is a partner at Ajia Group, a multi-family office overseeing private investment of select individuals and families from the United States, Asia and the Middle East....

      February 18, 2018
    • James Zhang

      James Zhang

      Member of advisory board. Mr. Zhang holds an MA from Renmin University and a Diploma of PMD from Harvard Business School. He has about 10 years of investment banking experience, and served as the managing director and the head of corporate finance &a...

      February 18, 2018

News and Events

Mother Nature Network

Not every innovation out of Silicon Valley these days involves self-driving cars, security guard robots and privacy-compromising virtual personal assistants. Every so often, a low-tech marvel emerges, a newfangled creation that promises be both ...

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These Cheap Paper Water Filters Remove Lead, Arsenic, and Bacteria

On a visit to Bangladesh in 2011–where an estimated 20 million people are exposed to arsenic in local drinking water–scientist Liangjie Dong worked with a team to teach residents how to use a filtration system he designed that could make the ...

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Company Develops Breakthrough Water Filtration Solution

The California-based company Mesofilter Inc., has developed a new water filtration solution that reportedly removes 99% of arsenic, lead, uranium and heavy metals. The new filter also is capable of inactivating bacteria and viruses in water and ...

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NSF International Certifies Mesopaper™, a New Filtration Medium

Mesofilter’s Mesopaper™ is independently tested and certified to effectively reduce lead to below the U.S. EPA action level and arsenic V to below the U.S. EPA and WHO health advisory levels ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Global public health organization ...

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Mesofilter Announces Launch of Mesopaper


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Mesofilter Announces Press Conference

On March 6th Mesofilter will hold a press conference in Palo Alto to discuss one of the world’s biggest problems, the lack of access to clean water free of hazardous contaminates and the steps that can be taken to improve human health.

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Mesofilter’s new NanoNose water pitcher reduces arsenic in drinking water

Mesofilter Inc., a San Jose-based developer and manufacturer of innovative nanotechnology to reduce and filter heavy metals in water, recently announced that NSF International, the global public health organization, has certified that ...

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NSF International Certifies First Water Filter Pitcher That Reduces Arsenic In Drinking Water. MicroCeramics’ NanoNose water pitcher has been certified to effectively reduce arsenic to below U.S. EPA and WHO health advisory levels.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. USA; SAN JOSE, Calif, USA; and SHANGHAI, China (January 17, 2017) – Global public health organization NSF International has certified the first drinking water pitcher to reduce arsenic to NSF/ANSI 53: Drinking Water Treatment ...

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Mesofilter Inc. Announces the First Water Filter Technology To Reduce Arsenic In Drinking Water

The NanoNose water pitcher has been NSF International-certified to effectively reduce arsenic to below EPA and WHO health advisory levels   The filter also removes lead and mercury   San Jose, Calif. (January 17, 2017) – Mesofilter ...

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Mesofilter is the only field-proven product that can filter both arsenic and lead.

According to ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry), arsenic and lead are the number one and two toxic substances affecting human health. Mesofilter is the only product proven in the field that can filter arsenic and lead. ...

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Awards and Certifications

  • NSF – Standard 53 Lead Reduction pH 8.5 PT 200% – 2017

  • 2017 – NSF Standard 53 Arsenic, Pentavalent Reduction, pH 6.5 PT 200%

  • NSF / ANSI Standard 42 2016

  • 2006 – Top 15 Finalist for Grainer Challenge prize for Sustainability



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